How much is your opal REALLY worth?

People online ask us this all the time, if you go to 
your local jeweler and tell them you bought 
something online many will tell you that 
you got ripped off without even looking at 
it because a lot of retail jewelers resent 
eBay for bringing transparency to the gem
and jewelry market. 

If you REALLY want to know how much you 
would have to pay in a retail store. Bring 
in the item(s) you purchased and tell them 
that you got it/them as a gift/inheritance 
etc. and want one to match for your daughter
/mother/wife/sister/friend and you need 
them to get one for you to match it. THEN 
you will see what kind of prices you are 
looking at to replace your items and you 
will see how much the item is really worth 
and I am sure you will be back again and 


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