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Though the name Mexican fire opal describes all of these lovely pieces,
they may alternately be known as “jelly opals”, when there is little play-of-color, or as “Mexican Water Opal”, when the opalescence is characterized by bluish or golden
internal sheen. No matter what name we use to describe them, it’s clear that no two pieces are alike. Our slotted opal gems for wire jewelry would make a wonderful addition to your collection, and would REALLY shine in wire-wrapped jewelry.

Durability: Hardness–6.5. Opals are prone to dryness and cracking, known as crazing, so care must be taken in wearing and setting. Avoid rapid temperature changes. It was once thought that rubbing an opal with your finger would actually help lock in moisture–hence, the opal’s old name of “Loving Stone”.

Healing: Fire Opals were highly prized by the Mayans as well as the Aztecs–they called the fire opal “quetzalitzlipyollitli”, the ‘stone of the bird of paradise’. It is believed that fire opals bestow courage, stamina, and vitality, as well as the intuitive enhancement associated
with all opals. Fire opals are associated with the Sacral Chakra, which governs sexuality and creativity. It is also thought that fire opals disperse outdated ways of thinking and make room for positive change.

–We have many beautiful Mexican fire opals for sale in our Etsy shop; please contact us for a special price on bulk orders.

Check out more opal crystals and specimens on our Etsy shop:

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