October Birthstone – Properties of the Opal!

Opal is considered the birthstone for people born in October or under the sign of Scorpio and Libra.


October Birthstone – Properties of the Opal.
For those who were born in the month of October the Opal is the traditional birthstone. The Traditional Metaphysical Properties for the October Birthstone Opal are happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence. The healing properties of the October birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to the eyes and eye infections. The Opal is also used to enhance visualization, imagination, dreams and healing.


Opal Jewelry Opal jewelry was highly prized by ancient Romans as a symbol of purity and hope. Ancient Greek poet Onomacritus even immortalized opal in his scripts when he wrote: “Opal fills the heart of the gods with joy.”

Crystal and solid white opal jewelry have served as a spiritual mirror for gazing inward, and have equally been used as a tool for foresight and prophecy. Black opal jewelry with its enchanting fiery hues is prized by magicians as an extremely lucky accessory for all forms of wish-makers as well as being able to enhance sexual attraction.

Fire opal jewelry is said to be an enhancer of personal power, awakening the inner fire as well as being protective against danger. Green opal jewelry can give an energy boost, and it is beneficial for emotional recovery. Pink opal jewelry nourishes the wearer with incredibly vibrant energy to lift attitude, mood and mind. Whatever the color, all opal jewelry can bring good fortune, joy, creativity, and a warm healing energy for its lucky owner.


To the ancient inhabitants of Mexico opal was known as Hummingbird Vitzitziltecpal or stone .

This poetic name was given because of its similarity with Blinking plumage adored those little birds .

Opals were appreciated in Mesoamerican cultures as jewelry for nobles and priests.

According to historical studies , opals mined in the region of Querétaro were used by the Aztecs in ceremonial ornaments , confirming that there was an archaic mining industry for extraction.

Opal is normally given in rhyolitic zones. The opal mines are found in almost all Mexico , but states where opal gem quality are mainly extracted Querétaro.

Opal is a stone that can vary from purity , color and size , but there are two unique aspects of Mexican opal that largely determine its quality: hardness and transparency, both normally produced by the amount of water that remained in its structure at the time of its formation.

The pieces found, prized for jewelry, are distinguished by the color of the matrix and by the play of colors , including jet, pigeon blood red , flame red , red rain, peacock blue , emerald green and blue rain .

Another feature is that no two opals will be the same , even being in the same stone.

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