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Parrot Prices

Someone read my mind when they wrote about crazy parrot prices. Please be considerate of the fact that rehoming a parrot is a very difficult on a parrot. Parrots are not like dogs or cats. Most parrots mate for life. They form strong bonds. When you rehome your parrot, if it didn’t have a behavior problem before, it may in it’s new home. Another consideration for buyers is there is no guarantee that the parrot will bond to you when you take him home. This bond could take years. As much as I don’t agree with breeding birds, I do believe if you want an instant bond, buy a baby bird. Most breeders take payments. A rehomed bird can have serious behaviors and costly health issues and most owners will not disclose this because they just want to recoup their cost. A good rehomer will have a LOW rehoming fee and an extensive interview process and possibly a home visit or pictures. If not, you may be getting a problem bird. A good owner is not as interested in $$$ as they are in ensuring the bird a good family. Anything over $500 for a macaw, african grey, amazon, or cockatoo is too much. Around $300 is reasonable. Really, you should only be paying for the cage/toys. Please do not go into this commitment expecting to recoup your cost. Please prepare for the fact that you may end up with a bird that is content to play on top of his cage and never have desire to be cuddled or picked up. Rescues are packed with problem birds. Remember, we are taking an animal that was meant to fly and we are caging it. That is enough to drive it crazy. We are LUCKY if we are able to bond with the bird so that it doesn’t.

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I agree 100% with you their is someone selling a bare eyed cockatoo that I really want and will not take the $200 I’m offering after I was told by the seller I need to sell asap and I’m willing to give it a loving home with the best possible care when I have a cage fully ready witch the bird will only be in when it sleeps smh