One thought on “Bezel set Virgin Valley Nevada opal gem silver ring sz 7.0”

  1. DESCRIPTION: FreeForm cabochon Virgin Valley Nevada Opal 0.64 Carats.

    Beautiful, flashy, brilliant opal cabochon from Virgin Valley Nevada.
    beautiful solid, high quality, flashy, brilliant, hand cut opal from Virgin Valley Nevada. Rough opals found in 1993. Hand cut by seller that same year using a Star Diamonds cabbing unit and crystallite wheels to form the free forms you see. They have been CURING for twenty years, with NO cracks in these stone. And I would consider them as stable NOW as any Australia opal.

    No opticon, paleobond, Star bond, or any other sealant used in these stones. All stones are solids NATURALS, NO backing, NO triplets.

    Virgin valley opals cut into beautiful brilliant stones, just have to have patience with them. Put them in water once a year, for one day to keep their brilliance.

    WARNING: NO safe deposit boxes.

    Origin: Virgin Valley Nevada

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